Frequently Asked Questions.
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Q: Is this free?

A: Yes, uploading and downloading is 100% Free for all users up to 10GB. We also offer premium accounts which allow for additional storage.

Q: Will my files be removed?

A: Files are kept for unlimited days or until deleted by the original uploader.

Q: How many files can I upload?

A: You can upload as many files as you want, as long as each one adheres to the Terms of Service and the maximum file upload size.

Q: Which files types am I allowed to upload?

A: You may upload Adult and General images of the following file types: bmp, gif, jpeg, jpg, png.

Q: Are there any restrictions to the size of my uploaded files?

A: Each file you upload must be less than 4.77 MB. If it is greater than that amount, your file will be rejected.

Q: There may be images on PicHosters that are subject to copyright laws, how can I report them?

A: Via our report abuse pages.